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To view video larger, turn phone sideways.

Installing Rail involves 4 steps: 

1. Laying out/marking the floor

2. Drilling holes 

3. Preparing rail

4. Installing rail in continuous run


1_drilling holes.png

Using the Hilti Cordless Rotary Hammer, 1 crew member drills while another vacuums concrete dust.

While the floor measuring and drilling is taking place, 1 crew member can prepare and add rail legs per the diagrams to follow.


6_rubber tubing.png

Place rubber tubing into the drilled hole and trim flush with floor.

7_ remove rubber tubing.jpg

Remove rubber tubing from hole and slide over the rail leg. It may be 1/4” – 1/2” longer than the rail leg because of the depth of the hole.

Continue with all drilled holes and corresponding legs.

Study the case and determine if you need corners per the “color coded” floor plan.

• The end panels on the case that the corner wraps around sets the dimension of the rail off the face of the case.

• This is a “continuous rail” installation, so the end panels set the dimension.

Spacing legs on a STRAIGHT run

• Use 2 legs spaced 4’ apart on each section.

rail section 1.png

• On the ends, use 2 legs spaced for support.

– 1 leg placed 12" from outside rail end.

– 1 leg placed 24" from inside rail end.

rail section 2.png

Spacing legs on CORNERS

– Position legs every 3’ on corner sections.

leg spacing.png
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