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WHEN: Optional

LOCATION: Throughout store


bollard intro graphic.png

The bollard replaces the need for a corner and return rail where it is being installed.

bollards 1-4.png

The rail placed in front of the case/lineup needs to be between the end panels and as close to the case front as possible. No longer set the rail in front of the end panels.


Tools Needed
• 5/8” SDS Max Drill Bit (SDS Plus if you are using a lighter duty drill for this)
• 7/32” Hex Key
• Impact Driver with 15/16” Impact Socket


bollard construction.png


bollard placement.png

Step 1: Bollard Placement
• Set the cup in front of the fixture or corner to be protected.
• IMPORTANT! Leave no more than 5/8” to 1” gap between the back of the cup and the front of the fixture or corner.
• Trace a circle around the inside of the cup onto floor.
• Use your hammer drill to make a hole that is 5/8” diameter and a minimum of 3-1/2” deep.
• Remove any dust and debris from inside and around the hole.

Step 2: Base Installation
• Position the cup in so that it’s hole is facing outward toward you.
• Slide the shock absorbing ring then the washer onto the concrete anchor.
• Position the anchor on top and tighten using an impact driver with a 15/16” socket.
• IMPORTANT: Hold the cup firmly with your hand (or have another person hold it) and tighten
the anchor until the cup feels solid and cannot be moved by hand.

base installation.png

Step 3: Post Installation
• Slide the stainless steel bollard over the cup until it meets the floor.
• Note that the bollard has two holes in it.
• Rotate the bollard so that the larger hole lines up with the front hole of the cup. The larger hole will allow the head of the screw to be flush with the bollard.

post installation.png

Step 4: Completing Installation
• Slide the flat socket head cap screw through bollard and into the cup.
• Use your 7/32” hex L key to tighten the screw securing it to the cup.
• Continue to tighten the screw until the head is flush with the outside of the bollard.

completing installation.png
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